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ACG Zion Low [1995]

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 The Zion released in both mid and low top iterations, they came as a result of an earlier idea from Steve Mcdonald - the ACG Loopin that was sketched in 1991. The Loopin was an early example of Mcdonald trying to implement sustainable design into a Nike silhouette, it was unfortunately an idea that didn't get past the sketching phase. Years later, Sergio Lozano was tasked with redesigning the Loopin, but he was specifically told not to make it sustainable... the result was the ACG Zion! Quite rare to see in this colourway, nice earthy tones. Despite being told not to make the Zion sustainable, they still managed to get a Nike Re-Grind midsole, and feature mostly organic fabrics on the upper. Good condition! See policies before purchase.

UK7.5, US8.5, EU42, 26.5CM