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Air Flatbush [1999]

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I first saw the Air Flatbush on the feet of a courier in the 'Messengers Style' book (see last pic) - I hadn't seen them before, and of course wanted to find a pair. Fast forward a year, a friend finds this pair in a charity shop and kindly sells them to me! I found no info online whatsoever, it was only until our recent Hypebeast article came out, where airmaxarchives shared the ID. Initially, I thought they were some sort of Sunder due to the 6453 on the back, this '6453' line of products is still something I want to know more about. Nike offices around the world have phone numbers ending with 6453 - the numbers spell out N-I-K-E on the keypad. Also, by some miraculous coincidence, it spells out Steve Prefontaine's best time in the mile backwards, to the tenth of a second: 3:54:6... Maybe 6453 was just a logo used by Nike at the time, as opposed to being an actual line of product. If you know, please comment! The Flatbush is undoubtedly rare, happy to have a pair on the store. Good overall condition with age related marks. Crazy level of unique detailing on this pair - someone from Nike: snap these up! See policies before purchase.

UK8.5, US9.5, EU43, 28CM