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Air Torrid Low [1996]

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Throughout the 1990s, Nike Basketball firmly established its presence within the world of basketball with a diverse and innovative range of footwear. Nike also introduced specialized footwear designed for intense outdoor play. Their focus was on delivering maximum traction for outdoor courts, which evolved into a thriving product line that remains influential even today. In 1992, Nike unveiled its very first outdoor basketball shoe, the Air Raid, marking a significant milestone. The following years saw the introduction of the Air Raid 2 in 1993, the Air Darwin in 1994, and the Air Ndestrukt in 1995 which launched the Ndestrukt family, which played a pivotal role in advancing Nike's outdoor basketball footwear legacy. The Ndestrukt featured a robust triple-stitched, multi-layer leather upper. Underneath, its outsole bore a resemblance to the durable rubber compound outsole of the Air Darwin. After this initial model, Nike released a plethora of Ndestrukt models including the Torrid Low. This pair, which is immensely rare, released in around 5 or so colourways. These remain in good vintage condition, used, but well looked after.

UK6, US7, EU40, 25CM