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CDG Air Carnivore [2020]

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The introduction of the Huarache line in 1991 was a breath of fresh air for sneaker design. Nike employed lightweight materials, inner sockliners and structural minimalism, paired with exaggerated meshes and cutout holes for reduced weight and improved breathability. The original Huarache and classics like the Nike Flight Huarache and the lesser-known Huarache Trainer 94, have undergone retro, re-imagination, and updates throughout the last 3 decades, making the Huarache line highly recognizable even to this day. The Nike Air Carnivore launched in 1993 with a Green/Purple/Black colourway and an all-black variant with purple accents. In 2010, it was retroed with the original colors and a new 49ers-esque white, red, and gold edition. Known as the trainer on steroids, the Carnivore boasts an aggressive, futuristic design with no laces. Instead, it features a lockdown mechanism using straps, similar to the Nike Air Unlimited worn by David Robinson. Straps cover the forefoot and ankle sleeve, while a small strap tightener on the outer side secures the foot to the midsole for a solid fit. In 2020, Comme Des Garcons Homme Plus released all black and all white variants. This pair remains in good, worn condition, with some marks here and there. Loads of life left though!

UK6, US7, EU40, 25CM