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Halle Berry Air Rift [2004]

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The Halle Berry Rift was a product of Nike's 'Artist Series' which initially launched in 2003. The series, which ran for a few years, gave a curated selection of artists, musicians, actors, and athletes the opportunity to design a pair of sneakers that represented them. The first round of releases saw pairs from Futura and Eminem, the second round, which launched on the 3rd of January 2004, featured a Dunk High from N.E.R.D., an Air Force 2 from Philadelphia graffiti legend ESPO and the Rifts from Halle Berry. Each model saw 1050 pairs made, making them hard to get at the time and even more sought after these days. We've got one pair for sale online now, and one pair in our archive. See policies before purchase.
UK7.5, US8.5, EU42, 27CM