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HTM Sock Dart [2004]

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The year 2004 saw the launch of the Nike Sock Dart, a pivotal moment in the evolution of athletic shoes. This groundbreaking design was the brainchild of Nike's creative team, heralding a new era in footwear technology. The origins of the Nike Sock Dart can be traced back to a visit to Japan where a Nike employee stumbled upon an extraordinary pair of children's socks. These socks featured fully-formed mouse ears without a single stitch, sparking the team's imagination. This discovery led to the "X Machine," a circular knit device originally intended for argyle socks. It was repurposed to create intricate shapes and openings, laying the foundation for Nike’s "Dimensional Support System" (DSS). 

Teaming up with an Iowa-based sock manufacturer, Nike enlisted a skilled programmer to work with the X Machine. This programmer meticulously experimented with various materials to determine the optimal stretch and structural requirements for the Sock Dart's upper, ensuring precision in its construction. For a structured collar, the team introduced a 3D collar foam that maintained the upper's form and provided ankle support. This foam was inserted into pockets created by the X Machine, concealed by the signature heel piece. 

The Dimensional Support System also featured a distinctive midfoot strap, made of TPU with considerable stretch and adorned with innovative "mushroom heads" for easy fastening. Designer Mark Smith was called upon to ensure the Nike Sock Dart embodied a minimalist and holistic design philosophy. Smith's meticulous attention to detail was evident in the heel construction, which featured a sculpted finish serving as a lever for foot propulsion. Inspired by the vibrant hues of the tree dart frog, the Sock Dart's color palette embraced bold, nature-inspired colors, influencing the shoe's name and emphasizing its dynamic and eye-catching appearance.  

The Sock Dart marked just the beginning of the brand's venture into knit footwear. What started with the discovery of a simple kids' sock evolved into a complete line of Nike Flyknit footwear, setting the stage for generations of athletes to experience state-of-the-art comfort, support, and style. This is an incredibly rare opportunity to own a piece of truly innovative, revolutionary footwear design. Overall, they remain in good cosmetic condition, with age related flaws. PLEASE NOTE these fit big. See policies before purchase.

UK6, US7, EU40, 25CM