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LD1000 [2007]

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The LD-1000 originally released in 1977 as 'the first shoe designed for your knees'. The original advert read like this: "The revolutionary new Nike LD-1000 Trainer. The first training shoe designed to improve your foot placement. Because the wider the sole, the less chance of twisting an ankle. Nike research and development has found that the flatter your feel touch down. the better for your knees and hips. Sideways twisting. or torquing, can cause medial lateral wear in the knee, as well as other foot, leg and hip problems. Although the LD-1000 can't solve all difficulties. it can help cut the chances of wear or injury. But there's more to the LD-1000 Trainer than lust a wide sole. II features things like pockets of closed cell synthetic plastic foam at critical points to absorb complex kinds of shock. The new angular sole flair Is designed to reduce heel lever, causing less stress on the anterior tibial muscle. And of course the other proven Nike features. Patented waffle sole to allow natural leg torque, yet absorb maximum shock. Spenco innersole and fitted ankle collar to prevent slippage. Tough nylon mesh upper." In 2007 the model was reintroduced with a handful of other 70s runners, and an original 1977 pair recently sold on Sothebys for $1000. This Blaze Orange pair remains in good condition with some fading to the suede, with OG box.
UK8, US9, EU42.5, 27CM