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Savier Staba [2001]

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Savier was an Oregon-based skate shoe company founded in 2000 and purchased by Nike in 2001. The president of Savier, Paul Fidrych, presented the idea of the brand to Phil Knight explaining that if Nike wanted to successfully break into the skate industry they should do it through a separate brand and not a sub brand. It’s believed that Savier shaped the blueprint of the Nike SB programme, to this day many view it as the Nike SB beta test. Savier shoes often utilised Nike technology, most notably Nike Air. They’re not models that come up often either, due to the fact that the brand was only around for a handful of years and also the obvious nature of skate shoes being worn until they’re totally destroyed. Some slight marks on upper, cracks on toe caps and minor heel drag. Seriously rare and very obscure. 

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