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Vaporfly [2006]

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This elusive model, designed by legendary footwear designer Steven Smith, could very well be the first ever Nike to bear the Vaporfly name, a name that's now synonymous with some of Nike's most innovative running footwear. The early 2000s saw a lot of 'Vapor' models from Nike, they tended to be extremely lightweight running shoes. You had the Vapor IV, Air Zoom Vapor Trainer Plus, Air Zoom City Vapor, the list goes on. The '06 Vaporfly however is a model we have never, ever seen before. We know it released in 2 colourways, the one pictured and also an orange/red colourway. Much like the Mayfly, it was designed to be ran in for a specific distance (400KM) before being returned to Nike to be recycled. We're a huge fan of these Vapor models, and this particular pair is as good as it gets. We're a huge fan of the marble effect midsole with the embossed branding. Not many of these survived! Used condition, with outsole wear.

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