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Waffle Racer [2003]

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The Waffle Racer is one of Nike’s longest standing models, originally designed by Bill Bowerman in the 1970s it has seen consistent retros throughout the last few decades. Upon release the Waffle Racer was priced between $21.95 and $24.95, the running shoe, originally made in Japan, had a nylon upper and was first released in a red and white colour scheme. However, the version that quickly became popular with local athletes bore the distinctive yellow and green design of the University of Oregon, while later models also bore the colours of other Californian colleges, such as UCLA. This 'curry' colourway is particularly rare and sought after, as it features the chrome metal mesh on the upper. Vintage condition, outsole hard in some places. See policies before purchase.

UK7, US8, EU41, 26CM