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Zoom Moire + [2006]

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The Nike Air Zoom Moire+ was ‘The first shoe to talk to iPod’, that’s the slogan Nike coined on the announcement of the model. The Moire’s ability to ‘speak’ to an iPod was facilitated by a sensor underneath the insole, and a receiver plugged into the iPod, it was the first time you were able to track how fast you were running without having to use more pricey equipment like a Garmin. Real-time information about your run/performance was relayed through the headphones or shown on the iPod, you could also plug the receiver into your Mac to collate data and track performance which, at the time, was groundbreaking. Few running shoes can claim to have been as influential as the Nike Air Zoom Moire, it enabled the future of running tech and brought together two of the world’s largest, most forward-thinking brands. This pair is somewhat of a mystery, label code reads 999998 and it has Nike ID lace tips. They've been worn sparingly and remain in fantastic condition.

UK8, US9, EU42.5, 27CM