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Zoom Waffle XC [2001]

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The Zoom Waffle XC is somewhat of a legendary shoe in the track running world. Here's a quote from an article published on Runners World in 2020 about the story of one runner and these shoes: "I’d gone through several pairs of running shoes before joining the team. But my first pair of team spikes, white and gold Nike Zoom Waffle XCs, was special. We all wore them. And when I laced them up, I felt like I was going to the Olympics. I had never worn shoes with such purpose. Shoes that allowed me to both feel every detail of the soft ground, and dig through it. I didn’t win races. I didn’t set course records. My name isn’t hanging in my alma mater’s hall of fame. But the ritual of lacing up those Nike Zooms on race day made me feel like an elite." That says enough! These are brand new in the box and can be worn normally with the spikes removed. Grab them while you can!

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